Jan. 26th, 2017

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VidUKon 2017 Auction Is Live!

The VidUKon 2017 auction is up and running, and the bids are already fast and frantic. Five lovely, wonderful people have volunteered to make one vid each for us, to help raise money for things like some speakers, so that we can avoid having to rely on the hotel's sound system, which is sounding about as old, creaky and cranky as I do.

The auction is running until 8pm GMT on the 29th of January, so there's roughly three days of bidding to go. We can't thank the lovely auction volunteers enough, but hopefully they know just how much we appreciate what they're doing! If you'd like to bid on one or more of the vidders, or even if you'd just like to watch everyone else fighting over them, here's the link to use: http://www.vidukon.co.uk/convention/auction

Without further ado, let me introduce our lovely vidders... more information is available on the auction page, but this should give you an idea of the amazing things you could be in line to see if you win an auction...

Frith: known for making rich, layered vids, Frith really brings home a strong narrative and excellent characterisation through exquisite and effective clip choice. A natural storyteller, her vids are complex, thoughtful works that you'll be pondering for a long time afterwards. If you're lucky enough to win her auction, not only will you love your vid, but you'll be amazed at her knack for using lyrics to draw out elements of the story she's telling...

isagel: powerful emotions are always a huge part of isagel's vids; often celebrating tiny fandoms and encompassing a range of relationships and sexuality, her work can be brutal even as it exalts those characters she vids. Perhaps the vidder in the auction most likely to be able to vid the tiny show you love that no-one else has ever heard of, isagel's work encompasses not just movies and tv but also computer games, from the gorgeously painted to the remarkably abstract, and every vid is a joy to watch... even as the characters tear your heart out...

jagwriter78: if it were possible to summarise jagwriter in a single word, that word would be "passion". There's no other way to describe someone who can love a show so much that they make dozens upon dozens of vids for a show they love, and each one is better than the one before. With an amazing eye for pacing and a fierce love of her shows, jagwriter is an amazing vidder with an eye for the dramatic, the evocative, and the hilarious. Ever wanted to see Richard Castle as Elvis? Jagwriter's your vidder. Jagwriter's vids display her fierce love for the things she vids, and it's glorious to behold!

cosmic_llin: have you ever seen one of the VidUKon shows, watched a Star Trek vid, and been overwhelmed with feelings? There's a 90% chance that was llin reaching out through your monitor to leave you feeling wonderful. As adept with comedy as she is with drama, llin channels emotion like no-one else, and she could do that for you - if you're lucky enough to win her in the auction! Note: VidUKon cannot be held responsible if you end up crying tears of joy. You have been warned.

LithiumDoll: the dark queen of VidUKon, the great and terrible one who rules us all, and all who know her shall love her and despair, for she is glorious... and in our auction! Combining exquisite timing and editing with a tremendous sense of character, movement and physicality, her vids are gripping, entertaining and unafraid to take a walk on the dark side.

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