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8-10th April, Cardiff Bay, UK

Hotel Information

The con will take place at the FutureInn in Cardiff Bay, UK.

Our Transportation Liaison, [personal profile] beccatoria , wrote a very detailed traveler's info on how to get to the con depending on where you come from which you can look at here.
If you need more local information regarding your transportation to the con, you can contact her.

Rooms Booking & Rates

As you will be able to see on the website, all rooms are set up with :
* Big Canadian double beds with duvets
* Individual air conditioning and heating controls
* Full size desk work station with internet cable
* Complimentary tea and coffee making facilities
* Flat screen television
* Movies and music on demand, CD/DVD player
* Free limited TV Internet access
* Free local calls
* Good value national calls

You can have up to 4 people in a room. The rates are a bit more expensive the more people you have in the room, but you're still financially better off to split the cost of a room between more people. The hotel is holding a block of ten rooms for us, so make sure to indicate you will be part of the Vidukon group and you will be placed in one of the block, so everyone can be in the same area. Getting one of the rooms in this block also ensures that the price will be as follows:

 Friday Night £83 bed & breakfast for single occupancy or £92 for double occupancy
Saturday Night £88 bed & breakfast for single occupancy or £97 for double occupancy
 Sunday Night £73 bed & breakfast for single occupancy or £82 for double occupancy   (for every additional person above 2 in a room it is an extra £15  and a further £9 for the breakfast)

The hotel may raise its rates for general rooms (not in our block) as the con draws nearer, so book early and let them know you are with us! While you can book using the website, our hotel manager has indicated that it is safer/preferable to contact the hotel reservations staff either by phone Monday to Friday 08:00-19:00 on 02920 487 111 or via email at reservations.cardiff@futureinns.co.uk, to ensure you get one of the rooms being held for us.

If you have any problems, please contact [personal profile] bop_radar  at bopradar@gmail.com

The hotel and vidshow/con rooms are wheelchair-accessible.

Con Schedule

The con event and shows will run for full days from Saturday at 10am to Sunday around 4pm with an evening program on Saturday.
Some social event will be organized for people who arrive on Friday, with a potential friday evening dinner (more soon on this)

As the program will be pretty packed on saturday with no more than an hour break for dinner, A buffet (which you can purchased a ticket for at registration) will be available before the evening festivities. More info on this in the registration section.

Unless the numbers of attending is raised significantly above 15 people, the program will only run into one main show room (no dual programming).


Registration will open on Monday, December 6th of 2010.

Registration will close on March 20th for both Supporting and Attending memberships, however, you need to be registered by March 6th to be featured in the program.

- Registration Prices
Attending Membership : 40 pounds (Registrations fees will be raised to 52 pounds by February 6th)
Supporting Membership: 16 pounds

- Options for attendings
At Registration, you will be able to purchase the additionnal things
  • Saturday Dinner Ticket - 12 pounds : A buffet will be served in the con room (Example of menu, as indication : Mixed Filled baguettes and wraps, Lime coriander Chicken kebab, Potato Salad, Home made pizzas, (...) Fruit Platter and Mini Dessert (The buffet includes some vegetarian food))
  • Vid bazaar Ticket : 4 pounds If you want to sell your vid DVDs, a small table will display your work and our vid bazaar volunteer will collect the money for you.
  • Volunteering : By choosing yes, you are agreeing to give a little bit of your time (max: 1 hour) to help out at the con. it could be helping setting up tables, plugging material, helping clean up etc. You will be contacted a bit before the con by[personal profile] buffyann who will give you a job if needed.
  • "Plus one" Saturday Evening Ticket - 20 Pounds:  if you are one to come to the con/cardiff with your significant other or a friend that is not necesseraly interested in the whole con, we're offering the opportunity for a "Plus one" ticket that will grant your plus one access to the dinner buffet and the evening program that follows (2 hours show which will most likely be nearly new and premieresvids).

Panels & Vid Shows

A post on Panel & Vid shows suggestions and sign up will be posted on the community LJ & DW soon after registrations.

You can do a vid show even if you're not attending.
You have to attend to do a panel.

Vidshows and panel can be combined.

In terms of programming, there is some flexiblilty. Possible structures include (but are not limited to) the following:
- 1 hour regular vid show
- 1 hour vid show in between 2 x30min discussion
- 1 hour vid show followed by 30min discussion
- 1 hour vidshow/panel--a small number of vids with focussed discussion of them.
While we will want to schedule in 1 hour or 30 minute blocks, please don't feel limited when thinking of ideas to it needing to be either a vid show OR a panel--they can be mixed and matched.


Vid shows must be done and vid uploaded by February 13th
Premieres must be submitted by February 27th

Con Staff & Contact info

[personal profile] buffyann : Con-Organization, Volunteer Management, Registration, Finances, Scheduling (contact: buffyann[at]free[dot]fr)
[personal profile] bop_radar  : Con-Organization, Hotel liaison, Announcements, Program Creator
[personal profile] lithiumdoll : Con-founder, Website Creation
[personal profile] beccatoria : Hotel hunting, Local and Transportation Liaison (contact:)
brokenmnemonic : Hotel hunting, Local liason, Printing
[personal profile] deathisyourart : Graphic Design
[personal profile] thedivinegoat : Vid bazaar
amnesias : DVD making


Date: 2011-02-24 03:10 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] avendya
Can one buy a supporting membership (and thus get the DVD) if you're outside the UK?

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