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Do you live in a land far, far away? Would you like to attend the con but lack the necessary funds to make it happen? There might be help available!

Even though the con is held in the UK we like to think of it as an European event. We’ve had attendees from France, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Russia in the past, but through the scholarship, we hope to enable more people from abroad to attend in future. The VidUKon Scholarship is funded by donations and intended to offer support to one fan that is a Non-UK resident, has not been to the con in the past and would like to attend.

The scholarship includes:

- Attending membership for the con
- Accommodation for 2 nights (Friday & Saturday) on the basis of 2 sharing a room at the con hotel (if you are unable to find anybody to share those funds will be made available to you to book alternative accommodation)
- Saturday dinner ticket

If there is more than one applicant eligible for the scholarship preference will be given first to those who have contributed to the con in the past (made Premiere vids, hosted vid shows or run panels) and then to those living the farthest away (since their travel costs are bound to be higher). We are happy to provide help with getting a UK visa if required - please contact Amnisias for details.

Applicants from the UK and outside Europe will be considered if there are no European applicants. Our definition of Europe is loose and includes all of Russia and Turkey as well as Israel (yes, we do take our lead from the Eurovision Song Contest, why do you ask?). The concom reserves the right to make the final decision if there is more than one applicant meeting all the criteria.

Self-nominations are strongly encouraged; or you might want to nominate somebody else you know who meets the criteria and would like to attend. Either way, the way to go is to complete the form down below, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact who'll be happy to help. All nominations (European, UK & international) will close on Saturday the 1st of April 2017 and the scholarship will be awarded by the 9th of April 2017 to allow the recipient sufficient time to make travel arrangements. If there has been no interest from international fans by the 1st of April 2017 the scholarship will be availlable to UK residents.

The scholarship fund is kept separate from con expenses and will not be used to cover them under any circumstances. Any extra funds will either be used towards travel expenses for this year's recipient or saved for the following year's scholarship fund. In the event that the con stops running any remaining funds will be donated to an international charity organisation.

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