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Please see this wonderful post for a complete playlist and notes on this unique and exciting vidshow!
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Cross-posting on behalf of [ profile] brokenmnemonic!

* * *

The second vidshow I was involved with was also the last panel of VidUKon2013, the Canon Ships show. I was lucky enough to be able to work with Blacksquirrel on this show, and she's a genuine delight to work with. (She actually did most of the hard work, but let me grab a share of the credit!)

Naturally, we began in a highly organised fashion - we emailed something like half a gig of vids we liked to each other, new and old, famous and obscure, and then debated what we actually meant by "shipper", and how we wanted to bound the show.

With that done, we then horse traded over the vids we liked to come up with about 90-100 minutes worth of vids for the 45 minute show. That's when things got tough...

I feel very lucky to have been able to work on this show; it was because of a ship that I set out to learn to vid, and some lovely shippers helped ease me into fandom, where I made a great many friends and met a lot of genuinely nice, passionate people. Naturally, I fought to make sure that my favourite vid for that particular fandom ship made it into this show.

Sadly, Blacksquirrel had to head home before the show aired - so if you like it, please do let her know. If you didn't like it, feel free to shout at me ;)

Without further ado, on with the playlist...

Playlist! )
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Cross-posting on behalf of [ profile] brokenmnemonic!

* * *

This is a little late, but after all the frantic activity in the run up to VidUKon, I ended up either hibernating or playing Dragon Age: Origins obsessively for weeks afterwards. And yet, it feels odd not to be working on the next one yet...

One of the two vidshows I was lucky enough to be involved with for VidUKon was the Vidder's Choice vidshow; the brainchild of such_heights, the idea was to have a show made up of vids that weren't premiering but were submitted by attending and supporting members - a chance for everyone to get another vid shown, and as it turned out, an interesting introduction to the con and the people there. Seventeen vids were submitted in total, and with more than 50 minutes of playing time the show was split into two halves with an intermission in the middle.

The vids cover a whole range of fandoms and eclectic tastes, and while that made putting together a running order something of a challenge, I'm really glad I had the chance to do it; I'm not sure if I'm allowed to play favourites or not, but even through I didn't get much chance to chat to people at the con, I did get the chance to tell purplefringe just how much I liked her Firefly/Serenity Zoe/Wash vid, Devil's Spoke. It's such a lovely, warm vid that I knew when I first saw it that it was the vid I wanted to finish the show with, and while I didn't get to gush embarassingly at many vidders at the con, I did for this one.

So, here are the playlists for the two halves of the show; some of the links are to vid masterlist posts where I couldn't find individual journal entries for them. I hope everyone who attended the show enjoyed it as much as I did!

Act I )


Act II )
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I've posted the Space vidshow playlist to my journal: here on Dreamwidth or here on LJ. :D
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Registration both attending and supporting are closing tonight, so last minute registering is now :-)

If you have any questions, please comment here or email at
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This is the roomate post :) If you're looking for a roomate at the con, this is the place to do it :-)
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Hello everyone

Schedule and programming for Vidukon 2013 ! Here it is ! YAY !Program/Schedule )
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This is a reminder that registration for both supporting and attending members will close next week, on Sunday the 14th of April.
To register, go here :)

If you have any question about registration, don't hesitate to email me at

Thank you all :)
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Thanks to all of you who have submitted a premieres.

We just want to make a call to those of you who have planned to make a premiere but couldn't make the deadline. If you can make it by next week end, we can still accept your submission but we have to keep track of submissions we're still waiting on.

So if you still want to submit a premiere, please let us know and approximately by when you can submit, either by posting here or emailing us at We will work it out with you and also give you the latest info on how to submit your vid (ftp will soon no longer be online).

If you already have been in contact with some of us in the concom, please still confirm you're submitting, it'll be easier for us to make sure every submission is accounted for and all is well :)

Thank you all in advance and thank you again for your contribution !
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In case some of you missed it, this is a reminder that the con will have a "Vidder's choice" show, which will play a vid of your choice, from your catalogue, no matter how old. It doesn't have to be a premiere, it's ANY OF YOUR VID.  a vid you'd like to see on the big screen at the con. :-) (more info here)

Attendees and Supporting members are welcome to submit. You have till March 31st to submit them. in any playable format. (Instructions are here)

If you have any question, comment away here :-)
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Prices for registrations are going up this sunday (to be exact, at midnight between sunday and monday). On Monday, it will be 52£ for an attending membership. So if you were waiting to register, this week end is a good time to do it. :-)

Registrations will however remain open till April 14th, and supporting membership's prices remain the same.

If you have any questions or issues with your registration, feel free to comment here of email at
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Hey guys, upload for your vids is live ! :)

So you can now go and upload your premieres and your vidder's choice vid as well (for info on vidder's choice, check this post)

Upload instructions for both shows are the same, except you have the right show box when submitting :-) All the information is in the FAQ as well. Please read them carefully before submitting your vids. (the form has some spelling error), and name your files as requested to avoid any issue.
Upload Instructions )
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here :-)
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We're excited to say that thanks to the support from everyone who's purchased attending or non-attending memberships for this year's Vidukon, we have the funds to run additional programming on the Friday evening.

Official Vidukon programming will now run from 6pm Friday May 17th - 4pm Sunday May 19th.

Details of Friday night plans to come, but we wanted to let you know so that you can make travel arrangements accordingly if you'd like to join us on Friday.

(Deadline reminders: vidshow playlists from VJs due March 15th, attending membership increases from £40 to £52 on March 17th, premiering vids due March 31st.)
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This has been a delayed post, so apologies to anyone who's been waiting on this information. Any further questions or queries can be raised in comments or by emailing

Accessibility Policy )
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The deadlines approching, we thought it was a good time to clarify or restate the vid format we need your vids to be in :-)
So here you go.


Vid Format, Upload and Deadline info )

Please note that our website has all this info, and you can consult our FAQ and deadline info at any time.


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Hi all,

We're still running short on volunteers to organise programming, so if you've been thinking about it, do please get in touch! You don't have to have a definite idea or be committed 100%, but it would be good to hear from people if you're at all interested. Email to discuss further!

more information / suggested ideas.
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Many thanks to everyone for your programming suggestions so far. Under the cut are the list of ideas that you've come up with. If you'd like to be involved in making any of them happen, do get in touch! If you've never hosted a panel or put together a vidshow before, don't worry, the concom is here to help.

To sign up to run some programming, email by the end of the month and tell us what you'd like to do.

see more discussion about programming here.

Your idea certainly doesn't have to come from the below list, but hopefully it will give you a sense of the kinds of things attendees might like to see.

list of ideas )

[this post on livejournal]
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Hi all,

First, two important registration dates that got left off the original announcement post: price of registration increases to £52 on March 17th, and registrations close on April 14th.

Now then, on to the exciting business of programming.

The con is made by the participation of attendees - the themes, focus and range of programming is all down to you.

There are two kinds of programming you can facilitate:

Vid Shows

Vid Shows are put together by one or two volunteer VJs, who pick a theme and assemble a playlist of awesome vids on that theme. The theme can be content-based, e.g. 'animals', or style-based, e.g. 'comedy vids'. It's really up to you. We recommend that you pick a theme broad enough to put together a diverse playlist. Ideally, each vid should be from a different fandom/source, and there should be a good range of vidders and styles represented. Vid shows should last between 40 and 45 minutes.

Vid shows we've had in previous years that we're keen to recreate if there's interest are 'Made in the UK', showcasing UK fandoms, and 'Best of Festivids', a playlist of some of the best of [community profile] festivids. If anyone would be interested in VJing either of those shows, please email


Panels can be run in all kinds of different ways, from powerpoint presentation to roundtable discussion. Panels can cover any aspect of the world of vidding, from technical discussion to looking at vidder culture. You can also run a joint vidshow + panel.


This post is a chance for people who are thinking about coming to the con to throw out ideas for what kind of programming they'd like to see. Either throw out ideas for things you'd like to do yourself to gauge interest, or share your thoughts on the sort of programming you'd like to see as an attendee.

If you decide that you're definitely interested in running a vid show or a panel, email with your idea by Sunday 27 January. The concom will then put together a schedule that is as varied as possible and contact the people whose ideas we'd like to go ahead with. VJs and panelists will then have until Friday 15 March to submit the vids they'd like to show and information for the programme.


Can't make it to the con but interested in doing some programming? That's an option too - you don't have to be there in person to put a vidshow together, and if anyone has any creative ideas of running a panel from a distance, let us know.


So, what would you like to see at Vidukon this year?

[this post on livejournal]
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Registration for Vidukon 2013 is now live! Register here.

Vidukon will be taking place on the 18th and 19th of May in Cardiff.

Attending Registration is £40.

Additional registration options:

+ Saturday night dinner - this year at the hotel restaurant, a carvery buffet with vegetarian options.
+ a 'plus one' ticket for the Saturday night that includes dinner and the Premieres show
+ a spot at the Vid Bazaar for anyone who would like to sell relevant items eg a DVD of their vids.

Non-attending registration is £16 for anyone who is unable to make it but would like to support the con. You will receive a copy of the premieres DVD and the con programme after the event.

Hotel Details:

The con hotel is Future Inns in Cardiff Bay. More details about room rates, facilities and so on can be found at the Vidukon website.

We've reserved a block of rooms - to book one of these, mention that you're attending the Vidukon convention when you book. This option is available until April 17th. The room prices for these reserved rooms are as follows. You can have up to 4 people per room for a small additional fee.

17th May - £74 B&B single occupancy or £83 B&B double occupancy
18th May - £79 B&B single occupancy or £88 B&B double occupancy


There are wheelchair-accessible rooms available at the hotel, and step-free access to the con rooms.

Our full accessibility policy is still being written and will be made available soon, including information about content notes for vid shows. If you have specific questions or concerns about any access issue, please contact the con at


A post will go up shortly for people to discuss and brainstorm ideas for what vidshows and panels they'd like to see at the con. Programming is reliant on the efforts of attendees, so if you have an idea for something you'd like to organise, email us at

If you can't attend but would like to put something together, let us know too! We'll give priority to registered attendees but it's certainly possible to put together a vid show remotely, and if anyone wants to Skype in a panel or something, that could be awesome.

There'll be a Premieres vid show on Saturday for brand new vids. If you'd like to submit a vid to that, whether you're attending or not, please do! The deadline to do so is March 31st. More detailed information about vid submission will be available shortly.

eta: on March 17th registration price increases to £52. Registration closes on April 14th. For registration queries, please contact

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