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Thank you for voting in the poll posted up recently - for those who haven't seen it or had a chance to vote yet, you can find it here; if you find you can't vote in the poll, feel free to drop a comment in the post, signed or unsigned.

So far, roughly two-thirds of those who've voted are either potentially available on any of the dates listed or have expressed a preference for either one particular weekend in April or for a range of dates in June and July.

As the weekends in June and July are later than the dates we've run events on previously, we're doing some work in the background to check details like whether either the conference room charges or accommodation charges are higher at that time of year (it's into the summer holiday season) and which dates if any would clash with major conventions here in the UK before any final announcements are made. Hopefully, there should be another update soon with more information - until then, please keep encouraging people to vote and spreading the word.

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