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 A full schedule is coming soon, but in the meantime, here's a rundown of what you can look forward to at Vidukon 2017!


As well as old favourites Vidder's Choice, Eurovision, Best of Creaspace, and of course Premieres and Auction vids, we've got:
  • Women in Blue by odessie - Ladies solving crimes
  • Embrace The Power Of The Dark Side by BrokenMnemonic - Horror movies and vids
  • Superhero Serials jagwriter78 - Superhero TV shows
  • Hope by walkthegale - A vidshow about hope!
  • What a way to make a living by frayadjacent & condnsdmlk - Showcasing vids about work -- waged or otherwise -- and workplaces.
  • We made you a thing by shinyjenni - Vids about fans and creators making things
  • Make 'Em Laugh by purplefringe - A comedy vidshow, to brighten these times of imminent apocalypse!
  • Group Vidding Workshop by BrokenMnemonic & nemo - Work together to make a vid in an hour and a half!
  • How to Make a Vidshow by Llin - Want to make a vidshow someday? Not sure where to start? This panel covers the basics, both practical and creative!
  • Open Canon/Closed Canon by Isagel - Vidding shows that are still airing vs shows that have ended.
  • The Year in Vidding by charloween


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