Dec. 26th, 2016

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Hello everyone!

I hope that you're all having a marvelous holiday, be it with loved ones, loved pets, loved books, loved TV shows, or anything else that makes you happy. (There may or may not be Harry Potter movies playing in the background as I type this.)

In an effort to bring a little more good cheer to 2016, registrations for VidUKon 2017 have opened. We're in Cardiff again, and barring unforeseen disasters, we'll also be in Cardiff again next year, for anyone looking to plan ahead. Don't worry about foreseen disasters - in the event of the end of the world being accurately predicted, the con will still happen, but we'll include popcorn, zombie repellent and a small survival pack in the attendees pack...

Signup for attending and supporting memberships is through the site as per usual, and if you sign up before midnight GMT on New Years Eve, you can use the promo code FESTIVE16 to get 5% off the cost of your ticket.

There is a change between 2017 and 2016; we've had increasing numbers of Premieres DVDs go uncollected at the con, and during the feedback session at VidUKon 2016, the general feeling was that a downloadable copy would be of more use to people than physical media, and that for those who like having a physical media disc, having the show in a data format rather than formatted as an mpeg-2 format playable disc would be preferred. So, this year, the memberships will include a downloadable copy of the show by default, instead of a physical disc. You can still opt to get physical media of one kind or another - either a playable DVD, a playable USB stick, or a data DVD/data USB stick - but for a £3 surcharge. I hope that doesn't make the signup options more confusing - please do ask if you have any questions.

VirtUKon will return in 2017, and there's a good chance the evil quiz will too; it's too early to say if there'll be scones yet, but we always hold out hope!

So, I hope that you have a great holiday season, and I hope to see you all at the con - either in person, or virtually, whether you're a regular or a first-timer. Hopefully, this also means at least one good thing will happen in 2017...

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We're now open for programming ideas! The good, the crazy, the weird, the wonderful...

As ever, we're particularly in need of panel ideas, also panel/vidshow combos are great, and if you'd like to try a workshop or different format, make a suggestion, brainstorm and make it happen! Priority will be given to attending members, but supporting members can put together vidshows for us as well.

Veteran VJs are welcome and so are first-timers - if you'd like to put a vidshow together but don't know where to start, get in touch and we'll be happy to help. Want to brainstorm? Get feedback on your ideas or suggest them for someone else to pick up in the comments on this post or the LJ mirror at [ profile] vidukon

Deadline is 5th June! DEADLINE is MARCH 6th.

Submit show ideas here and panel ideas here. Email me at at gmail dot com if you have any questions!
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